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Frequently Asked Questions

You must first obtain a User ID and Password from your account representative for existing customers, or by clicking on the "Sign Me Up!" button on the home page for new customers.
New customers will be asked to complete a "Contact Us" form requesting access credentials and a sales staff member will be in touch to initiate the new customer registration process. Once new customers have successfully completed the registration process, your request will be sent to an account representative who will then contact you with your account information. Once you have successfully opened an account with us you will then have access to shop all items covered by your provided license(s).
In our effort to provide a comprehensive reference of a great number of products available in the US pharmaceutical supply chain, some products listed are not covered by existing procurement agreements. For this reason, items that show a price of $0.00 are merely reflecting that we do not have a pricing agreement in place with that supplier at this time. It does not indicate the product is offered free of charge.
New supplier agreements are being added on a regular basis. 
Items reflecting pricing are updated regularly to provide the most accurate pricing information and will dynamically adjust to include any available discounts as you browse!
Please keep in mind that while we do our very best to show accurate pricing for all items at all times, all orders will be reviewed by our sales staff to ensure the price shown is the best possible price and that the quantities are available for export before an official quote can be generated. 
After adding the products you would like to order to your cart and you complete the check out process, your request for quote will be forwarded to your sales representative. At that time they will validate the quote to ensure that the quantity requested is available, any special requirements can be met, and that the price provided online was the best possible price for your products.
Your sales representative will make any needed changes to the quote before marking it "Ready to Promote to Order" in our system. This will enable you to view the quote in the "My Account" portion of the online portal and, if everything is correct and agreeable, you can click on "Promote to Order" to formally approve the quote.
Once a quote has been promoted to an order a ProForma invoice will be available for filing import paperwork with the appropriate authorities. 
Yes, you can! You can quickly check your order status and order history by first signing in, then clicking on the "My Account" link in the pop-up menu at the top right of any screen and at the bottom of most pages.

Even better, for repeat orders, you can save time by clicking the "Reorder" button on any previous order or quote! When reordering you have the flexibility to modify quantities, add new items, or remove items from the previous order as well! 
No, not at all! Our existing customers will still have access to the same great customer service you have come to trust from National Drug Source!

While we always strive to respond as soon as possible to any request; this online product portal is designed to provide 24-hour access to accurate, up-to-date information on the products available from the US Supply Chain without the need to wait for a response due to differences in local time, holidays, or weekends! 
Certain products may still need to be enabled, please provide a list of any products previously ordered, but not visible, to help us determine if they simply need to be enabled or have been discontinued. 
If you feel like there are certain classes of products that your license authorizes you to purchase, but are NOT visible in the online product portal please contact your sales representative or the Web Help Desk at
Please remember to provide examples of the products that are not visible and a copy of the appropriate license to speed resolution. 
On the sign-in page click on "Forgot Password" on the left hand side. This will provide an opportunity to reset your password.

If you are unable to reset your password please contact the Web Help Desk at:

Please provide your User Name and Company when contacting the Help Desk to speed response times.
Please contact the Web Help Desk at

Please provide your User Name and Company when contacting the Help Desk to speed response times.